A real Teamwork

The third edition of the festival Dance-Movement-Theater
Gheorgheni 30. sept. – 3 oct. 2010

I will be honest with you, without any sublime words. I will be honest in how I saw the dance-movement theatre festival, which was organized for the third time in Gyergyószentmiklós (Gheorgheni).
As it is suggested by the motto `Teamwork`, we witnessed performances in the name of the team spirit, which became remarkable because of the will to create and to play together. During the festival we watched – without exagerration – performances of geniuses.

The festival was inaugurated by the performance `Playground` from the Figura company from Gyergyószentmiklós. The main strenght of the performance was the attempt to show the limits between the madness and the innocence which were connected with great, ironic and absurd ideas.
After the `Playground` we took a part in a very powerful performance by the performance artist Çağlar Yiğitoğullari from Turkey. His manifestation put important questions from the perspective of being to the sense of the theater and some autobiografical ideas. The performance (as a genre of art) was a unique and really untraditional experience for the audience.

During the second day we took part in two more exceptional performances. The `Brecht – The Hardcore Machine` could be described like a very energetic performance. The srtenght of the actors created an unsettling atmosphere, which was the consequence of the exceptional work of the Urbán András company from the Kosztolányi Dezső theatre. The energy and the enthusiasm of the actors could be envied and the result become a real spceciality in the world of theatre.
The Bozsik Yvette company came to Gyergyószentmiklós with an autobiographical performance. It could not be considered boring because of the vignettes and being ironic to themselves, which came from the strong critical reflections of the director and the actors. In this way the audience could symphatize with the performance which criticizes just the company and the personality of Bozsik Yvette.

The third day opened with the Tünet company which led us into an ironic world without one we could not survive daily life. The audience liked the performance, there were just a few moments when nobody brushed in laughter. We were confronted with our life in exceptional acting. After this mad (in the positive sense of the word) performance we were conjured by the rhythm of flamenco in the performance Yerma by the Juvenile Theatre from Piatra Neamţ.
The tragic story of the young couple was interpreted in a real latin atmosphere. The unsettling emotions came to from in a speceifically spanish dance, harmonious with the play of Federico Garcia Lorca. The direction took care even of the smallest details of the scenery.

The last day of the festival brought a strange performance. The `Accent` was a lyrical manifestation with a protagonist well known in the world of dance theatre. Döbrei Dénes has created the attention with a powerful dance technique full of emotions. In addition the live
music was based on the chord melancholic of a saxofon and a cello. The quotes from Exupéry`s Little Prince (even if it is considered banal or not) made an impressive atmosphere.
The ending performance was the `That which never comes back` with its banal (not pejoratively) and vulgar style. It swept the board: the audience brushed in laughter for one and a half hours. The company Pintér Béla surpassed every expectation.

Besides these performances of the acknowledged companies, the visitors could take part in delectable concerts during the whole festival. From the beginning of the first day the nice evenings were ensured by quality music. The group Tündérground has enchanted us with the exotic melodies of flute, jaw harp, electric guitar, electric violin, drums and bass guitar.  Aurent Rochelle and Loic Shield hypnotized us with mystic melodies, then Lajkó Félix and Brasnyó Antal offered a remarkable evening with their violin and viola. After these relaxing melodies, Küb_beat made a party with his energetic music. The ensemble Aievea brought real theatrical music according to the spirit of the festival. Their music is applied in theatres. In the end we have to mention the parties of  Dj. Popular (used to known as Dj. Paranoia). The balcanic melodies, the rock and folk-songs kept the mood until morning.

I`ve promised I`ll be honest. To keep my promise I have to avow that I have wondered that such a small group of organizers managed to offer such a varied, interesting and quality program in the middle of the economic crisis. I don`t want to go into details, just congratulations for the organizers.

Besides the quality of the festival I have to mention what a friendly and familiar atmosphere dominated the zone of the theatre Figura. I think this is a rare aspect because if you went to the YourLivingRoom in any part of the day you saw a lot of happy people.

I hope the festival will develop further this way in the future and we`ll see eachother in 2012 with such important and high quality performances and we will take part in the same specific and positive atmosphere of the company Figura.

Kata Demeter 
Györgyi Fodor